Best Pocket WiFi in South Korea Rental & Alternatives: Travelers Guide

If you are planning a trip to South Korea, having a reliable internet connection is important. While there are public WiFis available, renting a pocket WiFi will make your life much easier. In this guide, we’ll explain all about pocket Wifi in South Korea. We will also introduce the options for pocket Wifi rental, compare the prices, data allowances and features from popular networks.

Pocket Wifi in South Korea

I. What is a Pocket WiFi for South Korea?

A pocket wifi, also called a mobile hotspot or a WiFi egg Korea (as Koreans call it), is a portable wifi router for travelers in South Korea. It works with any device that connects to wifi like phones, laptops and tablets.

Renting a pocket wifi allows travelers to access the internet when out exploring. They can use maps, translate signs and check transit apps with just the pocket wifi, without using mobile data.

Good to know: Pocket Wifi devices are very compact and lightweight, with weight on average from 100 to 250g.

How does a pocket Wifi in South Korea work?

A pocket wifi broadcasts its own WiFi signal that nearby devices can connect to, just like a traditional wireless router at home. It acts as the intermediary between your device and the mobile network to provide internet access. 

  • Starting: Starting it up takes a mere 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Deposit: Most providers request a deposit at the time of pick-up. The whole deposit is given back when you return the device if you do not lose or damage the device. 
  • Connected devices: Travelers can connect their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the pocket WiFi’s signal to access the internet while traveling in Korea.
  • Steps to connect: To connect to the pocket WiFi’s WiFi network, you need to select its name and enter the password (often printed on the device).
  • Connection speed: Your connection speed may vary depending on your distance from the pocket WiFi and the number of other devices connected.
Test speed LG U+ network operator - pocket wifi South Korea

How many devices can a pocket WiFi share connection?

Most pocket WiFi devices for South Korea can share their internet connection with 3 or 5 other devices at the same time.

What is the range of a pocket WiFi device?

A pocket WiFi device for South Korea can broadcast its WiFi signal within a range of about 10-20 meters. The closer your device is to the pocket WiFi, the better the connection will be.

Important Note: Some pocket WiFi devices can only be used within certain countries or with specific mobile networks, so it's important to check prior to purchasing.

Who should use pocket Wifi?

The  following people should use a pocket wifi for South Korea:

  • Travelers who want to stay connected while exploring different areas without relying on public wifi hotspots.
  • Groups traveling together so they can easily share an internet connection on multiple devices.
  • People visiting for an extended period who don’t want the hassle of changing sim cards or mobile plans.
  • Those who need reliable internet access to use navigation apps, translation tools, or booking services while sightseeing.

When should you use a pocket WiFi?

Here are when you should use a pocket WiFi for South Korea:

  • When traveling outside major cities where public WiFi availability may be limited
  • For extended trips, as it can be more convenient than changing SIM cards
  • When traveling with a group so you can share a wireless connection on multiple devices
  • If you need consistent and reliable data access, unlike some temporary public hotspots
  • For business travelers who need to access documents, emails or work online occasionally

Good to know: Some premium pocket WiFi devices may include an Ethernet port, allowing users to directly connect their device via a cable for the fastest internet speeds possible.

What is the battery life of a pocket wifi in South Korea?

The batteries of a Korean pocket WiFi device last from 6 to 24 hours (thanks to a free included power bank).

Pro Tip:

  • To ensure the longevity of your device, we recommend implementing a safety margin by powering it off when not in active use. 
  • If you are using the Pocket WiFi device daily I would advise charging it every evening.

II. Why Rent a Pocket WiFi for South Korea Travel?

Why rent a pocket wifi in South Korea

Here are the key benefits of renting a pocket wifi for travel in South Korea:

  • Easy to use – Just connect your device to the wifi hotspot without changing any settings. No need to insert SIM cards.
  • Share the wifi connection – Allows simultaneous connection for multiple devices like phone, tablet, laptop. Great for traveling with family or friends.
  • Keep your existing number – You can stay contactable with your own phone number without changing SIM cards.
  • Unlimited data usage – Most pocket wifi plans in Korea offer unlimited high-speed data without throttling, unlike prepaid local data SIM cards.
  • Wider coverage – You get internet access throughout your trip, including transport and remote areas not covered by free public wifi.

Pocket wifi vs. Other connectivity options

There are 5 ways to connect to the Internet while traveling in South Korea. 

Here we compare pocket wifi to 04 other options that help you make an informed decision about pocket wifi South Korea rental.

Prepaid data SIM cardsPotentially cheaper for longer staysRequires changing device settings, may not support your network, lower data allowance than pocket wifi plans
Prepaid eSIM100% online, simple to buy, setup and use. A wide range of plans for different needs and budgetPotentially cheaper for longer staysLimited phone models with eSIM technology
Roaming on cellular planFamiliar cellular serviceNo need to change SIMExtremely high costs in Korea, not cost effective for travelers
Free public WiFiNo direct costsLimited coverage, requires registration with Korean numbers only, unreliable speed and reliability
Pocket WiFi rentalEasy to use, share connection, keep your number, unlimited high-speed data, wide coverage, cheaper than roamingExtra device to carryNeed to be return at the end of your trip

In conclusion, which one is best for staying connected in South Korea depends completely on your needs. However, below we still give some of our conclusions based on the average needs of tourists.

▶ Our recommendation:

  • Pocket WiFi rental offers the most convenient and cost-effective connectivity solution for in-group travelers visiting South Korea. 
  • Prepaid SIM cards may be a backup, and public WiFi should only be used when absolutely necessary due to limitations. 
  • Roaming costs make cellular plans prohibitively expensive. 
  • In case your phone supports eSIM, consider using a South Korea eSIM since it offer all benefits associated with a SIM card but totally 100% online. To make sure your phone is compatible with eSIM, check out our up-to-date list of devices with eSIM feature.

III. South Korea eSIM – Alternative to Pocket WiFi to Get Internet in South Korea

South Korea eSIM by Gigago - alternative to pocket wifi South Korea

Here are some key benefits of using a prepaid South Korea eSIM as an alternative to pocket wifi:

  • Convenience of eSIM – No need to deal with physical SIM cards. eSIM can be activated right on your phone remotely.
  • Cost savings – eSIM data plans from providers like Gigago work out cheaper than short-term pocket wifi rental if your stay is 5+ days.
  • Local phone number – Having a Korean phone number allows you to easily use apps that require a verification code sent via text.
  • Seamless connectivity – eSIM will switch you to the local data network for a fast, stable internet connection without changing settings manually.
  • No extra device – Unlike pocket wifi, no need to carry another gadget. Just use data on your own phone.

Our recommendation: For your South Korea trip, we would suggest considering Gigago eSIM. They offer multiple data plan options for South Korea, starting from a 3-day plan with 1GB of data per day for $5.90 as their most minimal plan. They also have 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, 15-day, 20-day, and 30-day plans ranging from 1GB to unlimited data per day, with prices from $5.90 up to $106.50. Their data plans work on Korea’s largest networks. Activation is simple via a a QR code. This allows convenient, cost-effective connectivity through your existing phone without any extra pocket Wifi device.

To see more details about plan features and setup, visit Gigago eSIM for South Korea.

III. Where and How to Rent a Pocket WiFi for Travelers to South 


Where to rent a pocket wifi for South Korea

Renting a pocket Wifi device for South Korea is quick and easy.

Here are 02 popular ways to get a pocket WiFi device for travel in South Korea:

1. Pre-book online and pick up at registered location

  • Search and compare rental plans online
  • Choose dates and purchase plan on the operator’s website
  • Device will be waiting at the agreed pickup location (airport, port etc)

Note: Most providers have a small map to show their location. So you can easily find the service stand when arriving.

Insight: Pre-booking online is generally the best way as it saves time spent researching and arranging rental upon arrival in Korea. The device will already be reserved and you can proceed to baggage claim faster.

Pocket wifi rental in South Korea - pickup at the airport

2. Rent upon arrival

  • Rent a pocket wifi device at the airport of South Korea when you arrive
  • Find the rental counter at your arrival airport/port
  • Choose a plan and present your passport
  • Make payment and receive the pocket WiFi device

Insight: This is not a preferred way to rent a portable wifi because after a flight travelers are often a little drowsy and they just want to get out of the airport as fast as possible. The last thing they want to do is to run around to find and compare different options for connecting to the Internet.

Below is a quick comparison on two booking methods to rent a Wifi egg in South Korea:

Booking MethodProsCons
Pre-book onlineSaves time on arrival, device ready immediatelyMust plan rental in advance
Upon arrivalMore flexibility if dates changeMay have limited options, take longer

In conclusion, pre-booking your pocket WiFi for Korea online 1-2 weeks before travel ensures you get your first choice of device and plan without wasting time at the airport. 

Only consider renting upon arrival if last-minute travel prevents advance booking.

Our recommendation: If you want to use a pocket WiFi device during your trip, it is best to rent it online before your travel date. Booking ahead means the device will be ready for pickup at the airport. Pre-booking your pocket WiFi is convenient and ensures a seamless start to your vacation.

IV. How many devices can connect to a pocket WiFi for South Korea?

Most pocket wifi devices provided by rental companies in South Korea can connect 3 devices at once. Some models allow up to 5 simultaneous connections.

V. How much does a Pocket WiFi for South Korea Cost? South Korea Pocket WiFi Price

The daily cost of renting a pocket wifi in South Korea typically ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 Korean Won. This is equivalent to around $2-3 USD per day.

Some factors that can affect the pocket wifi rental price include:

  • Rental duration – Longer rentals often have discounted per-day rates.
  • Device model – More premium devices with faster speeds may cost more.
  • Data allowance – Unlimited data plans are most expensive. Throttled plans after 1-2GB are cheaper.
  • Pickup location – Devices collected from airports tend to cost slightly more vs pickup from cities.
  • Return dates – Rentals over weekends/holidays may have small premiums.
  • Time of booking – Last-minute rentals booked under 2 days before travel incur surcharges.

Pro Tip: Always compare prices factoring in these elements to get the best value rental

VI. Best Pocket WiFi Devices for South Korea Travel – Which to choose?

The most popular pocket wifi providers for travelers to South Korea are:

1. KT Olleh

  • Rental price: Starting at $2.5 per day
  • Pickup locations: Incheon Airport Terminal 1 and 2, Gimpo Airport Terminal 1
  • No shipping fee as pickup available in Korea
  • Refundable deposit required in case device gets lost: Equivalent to rental cost of device
  • Payment method: Credit card

2. SK Telecom

  • Rental price: Starting at $2.4 per day
  • Pickup locations: Incheon Airport Terminal 1 and 2
  • No shipping fee as pickup available in Korea
  • Refundable deposit required in case device gets lost: Equivalent to rental cost of device
  • Payment method: Credit card
  • SK Telecom
  • Data limit: Unlimited data usage at high speeds for up to 3 devices simultaneously

3. LG U+ (WiFi Dosirak)

  • Rental price: Starting at $2 per day
  • Pickup locations: Incheon Airport Terminal 1 and 2, Gimpo Airport, Gimhae Airport
  • No shipping fee as pickup available in Korea
  • Refundable deposit required in case device gets lost: Equivalent to rental cost of device
  • Payment method: Credit card
  • Data limit: Unlimited data usage at high speeds for up to 5 devices simultaneously

Our recommendation:

  • In summary, all three providers offer unlimited data usage through high-speed 4G LTE networks across South Korea. 
  • The best pocket wifi South Korea rental is from KT Olleh with unlimited data at 4G speed. Cost is very affordable with KRW 3200 / day. 

VII. How to Use Your Pocket WiFi in South Korea?

how to use pocket wifi in south korea

Here are simple steps to setup and use a pocket WiFi in South Korea:

  • Book your pocket WiFi in advance online, selecting dates and pickup location.
  • Collect your booked device from the airport/city office, showing your passport and confirmation.
  • Turn on the pocket WiFi by pressing the power button for 3 seconds.
  • Connect your device to the WiFi network name and password printed on the device.
  • You are now connected to the internet. The WiFi can be shared with other devices.
  • Use as required for navigation, internet, calls etc during your trip.
  • Keep the device charged using the included cable and adapter.
  • Return the device to the same office before your selected return date.


  • Make sure to stay within 20 meters of the pocket WiFi for optimal connection.
  • Check data usage regularly in the SIM Manager as some providers charge extra for high data use.

VIII. FAQs about South Korea Pocket WiFi Rental

How long can I rent a pocket WiFi for?

You can rent a pocket WiFi for up to 30 days.

Are there any limitations on the amount of data I can use with pocket WiFi in South Korea?

There are no limitations on the amount of data you can use with South Korea pocket WiFi. However, you should be aware that some countries have data caps in place, so you may be charged extra if you exceed your limit.

Can you recommend any pocket WiFi providers in Korea that offer affordable unlimited data plans?

Some popular pocket WiFi providers in Korea that offer affordable unlimited data plans include:
KT Olleh: unlimited data for ₩29,900 per month.
SK Telecom: unlimited data for ₩34,900 per month.
LG Uplus: unlimited data for ₩39,900 per month.
These prices are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to compare the latest plans from different providers before making a decision.

IX. Conclusion

Pocket wifi is definitely worth using for travelers to South Korea. Besides familiar wi-fi connectivity, it allows roaming with family and friends easily. An alternative to pocket wifi in South Korea for travelers is a prepaid physical SIM card or eSIM, but few offer  data plans for groups.  eSIM is cheap if phones support it, but always check eSIM compatibility first to avoid issues. In conclusion, pocket wifi provides excellent versatile internet access across Korea through an affordable rental, highly recommended for traveling groups and families.