Best Pocket Wifi in Portugal Rental & Alternatives Travelers Guide

Portugal is a popular travel destination, but staying connected can be challenging without reliable internet access. A pocket WiFi device is an excellent solution, providing secure WiFi hotspot connectivity for all your devices while avoiding expensive roaming charges. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about renting pocket WiFi in Portugal, cost, alternatives to pocket Wifi for travelers.

pocket wifi in portugal

I. What is a Pocket WiFi in Portugal?

A pocket WiFi is a small, portable device that creates a WiFi hotspot by connecting to local cellular networks. It allows you to get online on-the-go by connecting your phone, tablet, laptop or other devices to the pocket WiFi network. The device contains a rechargeable battery, SIM card slot, and wireless transmitter to broadcast the WiFi signal.

Pocket WiFi is suitable for all types of travelers but is especially convenient for:

  • Families traveling with kids and multiple gadgets per person
  • Groups who need to share connectivity between devices
  • Business travelers who rely on internet access on-the-go
  • Tourists planning to use data-heavy apps like Google Maps to navigate around
  • Anyone wanting to avoid expensive international roaming charges

II. Why Rent a Pocket WiFi in Portugal?

Renting a pocket WiFi in Portugal upon arrival offers several benefits for travelers:

Renting a pocket WiFi in Portugal upon arrival offers several benefits for travelers:

  • Convenience – Pocket WiFi is very easy to use. One gadget connects your whole travel group. No need for hunting down cafes with free WiFi or buying multiple SIM cards.
  • Affordability – Local mobile data is much cheaper than international roaming rates. Pocket WiFi rental for the duration of your trip costs less than what you’d pay in roaming fees otherwise.
  • Flexibility – Get online wherever you go within Portugal, without relying on cafes or hotels for connectivity. Use as much or as little data as needed.
  • Security – Pocket WiFi networks are encrypted, protecting your data from potential security breaches on public WiFi.

Pocket WiFi vs Other Connectivity Options

Connectivity OptionNumber of DevicesNumber of UsersData UsageConvenience
Pocket WiFiUp to 10-15 (depending on provider)Multiple users can share data on the same Wi-Fi networkVaries; some plans offer unlimited data, others have capped limitsSimple, just switch on and connect devices
Free WiFi1 device per connectionLimitedLimited availability, often unreliable speedsRequires finding reliable hotspots, limited security
Local SIM Card1 device per SIM1 user per SIMChoose data package based on needsRequires SIM card installation (may require adapter)
Roaming with Home SIM1 device per plan (may involve additional lines)1 user per plan (may involve additional lines)Depends on your home plan and roaming charges (can be expensive)No additional setup, automatic roaming based on agreements


  • Pocket WiFi is best for group trips with multiple device connectivity needs
  • eSIM offers a convenient alternative for savvy travelers with compatible devices

III. GIGAGO eSIM – Alternative to Pocket WiFi in Portugal

Traveling to Portugal and want to stay connected without hassle? Instead of renting a pocket wifi device, consider getting a Portugal eSIM from

An eSIM is a digital SIM card that you can easily install on your eSIM compatible smartphone before your trip. Once in Portugal, all you need to do is activate your plan and you’ll have high-speed LTE data to use however you like.

Key benefits of getting a Portugal eSIM from Gigago compared to pocket wifi

Here are some key benefits of getting a Portugal eSIM from Gigago compared to pocket wifi:

  • Easy Installation – No waiting for shipping or having to return a physical device. Your eSIM plan details are delivered straight to your email for quick installation.
  • Freedom of Use – With an eSIM, you get data to use on your own phone instead of having to carry a separate device. Stay connected anywhere instead of being tied to pocket wifi hotspots.
  • Flexible Data Plans – Gigago offers plans from 1GB up to 50GB with various validity periods to suit your travel needs. Pocket wifi typically only offers fixed data amounts.
  • Cost Effective – Portugal eSIM plans provide better value than daily or weekly pocket wifi rental fees. Purchase only what you need instead of paying for unused data.
  • Full Portugal Coverage – Works on Vodafone, NOS and MEO networks for reliability anywhere in Portugal. Pocket wifi can have weak spots compared to cellular.

Gigago has affordable Portugal eSIM plans from as low as $3.50 for 3GB/3 days. We also offer 24/7 support to assist with any installation or usage issues.

IV. How Can Travelers Get a Pocket WiFi in Portugal?

There are two main options to hire a pocket WiFi device for your trip to Portugal:

Pre-order online for airport pickup– Guaranteed device ready upon arrival
– Avoid queues and language issues at airport pickup
– Fully charged and set up device
– Must pay rental deposit/fees upfront
– Less flexibility to change plans
Rent pocket WiFi at airport on arrival– Compare prices and data packages
– Pay only when you hire device
– May need to wait in long queues
– Limited availability of devices

Overall, pre-booking a pocket WiFi hotspot online ahead of your trip is recommended for a smoother travel experience.

Pre-ordering online locks in pricing, availability and gives you peace of mind knowing connectivity is ready to go upon landing in Portugal.

V. How Many Devices Can Connect to Pocket WiFi in Portugal?

How Many Devices Can Connect to Pocket WiFi in Portugal

The number of devices that can connect to a Portuguese pocket WiFi rental depends on the capabilities of the specific device:

  • Basic devices allow 5-10 connected devices
  • Advanced devices can handle 10-15 connected devices

Factors that determine max connections:

  • WiFi band i.e. single band 2.4GHz vs dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • WiFi standards – 802.11n/ac allow more connections than older 802.11b/g
  • Memory and processor specs

For a large travel party, opt for a high-end device that can handle 15+ simultaneous connections. Confirm capability before renting.

VI. How Much Does Pocket WiFi in Portugal Cost?

How Many Devices Can Connect to Pocket WiFi in Portugal

Pocket WiFi rental pricing in Portugal depends on several factors:

  • Data limit – More data allowance means higher rental cost
  • Rental duration – Daily to weekly to monthly plans, longer = better value
  • Number of connections – Advanced 15-device devices cost more
  • Speed – LTE/4G devices are faster than 3G ones
  • Pickup/delivery – Airport delivery incurs additional fees

Average pocket WiFi rental costs in Portugal:

  • Weekly (7 days) rental – €25-€50
  • Monthly (30 days) rental – €80-€130
  • 10GB high-speed data plan – €30-€60

Note: Confirm exact rates with your chosen provider before booking.

VII. Best Pocket WiFi Providers in Portugal

ProviderSpeed (avg.)Cost (per day)Max DevicesDelivery OptionBattery Life (hours)
TravelWi-FiUp to 100 Mbps~$7 (2GB/day EU, Unlimited Switzerland/Austria)10Free pick-up/drop-off in Lisbon & Porto, €8 courier8-10
Hippocket WifiUp to 150 Mbps~$5 (Unlimited EU)10Free delivery to Europe12-15
My WebspotUp to 4G LTE~$7 (Unlimited EU)10Free delivery to Europe6-8
Vodafone MiFiUp to 4G LTE~$8 (1GB/day)5Pick-up at Vodafone stores, €5 courier6-8
MEO MiFiUp to 4G LTE~$7 (5GB/day)5Pick-up at MEO stores, €5 courier6-8

Additional Notes:

  • Prices and speeds can vary depending on data package choices.
  • Some providers offer airport pick-up and drop-off for added convenience.
  • Battery life estimates are approximate and may depend on usage.

VIII. How to Use your Pocket Wifi in Portugal?

Using your pocket Wi-Fi in Portugal is pretty straightforward! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Charge the Pocket Wi-Fi: Make sure your device is fully charged before you head out. Most pocket Wi-Fi units have battery life ranging from 6 to 15 hours, but it’s always good to be prepared.
  • Power it On: Locate the power button and switch it on. The device should take a minute or two to boot up.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi Network: Look for the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password printed on the device or instruction manual. Open your device’s Wi-Fi settings and select the network name. Enter the password when prompted, and you should be connected.
  • Verify Internet Access: Open a web browser on your connected device and try browsing any website. If everything is set up correctly, you should be able to access the internet.
  • Share the Connection (Optional): If your pocket Wi-Fi supports multiple devices, you can share the connection with others. Simply have them connect to the same Wi-Fi network using the same password.

Here are some tips to get the best usage out of your Portuguese pocket WiFi rental:

  • Turn off when not in use to conserve battery life
  • Recharge every night to start each day with a full battery
  • For public transport options with outlets, consider charging on the go
  • Monitor your data usage in the provider app and upgrade your plan if needed
  • Contact customer support if you face any issues with connectivity


IX. FAQs about Pocket WiFi in Portugal

Can I use pocket WiFi across Europe?

Most Portugal pocket WiFi rentals only provide coverage within Portugal. Some providers offer Europe-wide coverage for extra cost but data rates are expensive. Get a local SIM at each destination.

Is pocket WiFi secure?

Yes, pocket WiFi devices create secure encrypted networks. Use WiFi password protection for added security.

Can I share a pocket WiFi in Portugal with friends?

Yes, most devices allow sharing connectivity with travel companions. Just connect to the same WiFi network.

Do I need a charger adapter for Portugal?

Portugal uses 220V outlets with European Type C/F plugs. Carry an adapter if your charger has a different type of plug.

Can I use pocket WiFi in Portugal in my rental car?

Check for a pocket WiFi antenna port in your rental vehicle. If available, connecting the device will give in-car WiFi.

X. Conclusion

Pocket WiFi rental provides an affordable, convenient connectivity solution for travelers in Portugal. It’s easy to set up, eliminates roaming charges, and keeps your whole travel party online. Compare provider plans based on data needs, devices, and budget. For ultimate convenience, pre-book online ahead of arrival. With portable WiFi in your pocket, you’ll stay connected and make the most of your time in Portugal!