Renting Pocket WiFi in New Zealand & Alternatives: Ultimate Guide for Travelers

If you are visiting New Zealand and need Internet on the go, pocket Wifi in New Zealand is a handy option worth considering. You will have reliable mobile connectivity without worrying about data plans or roaming charges. This guide will provide everything you need to know about renting pocket Wifi for New Zealand travel: how to rent, rates, the best options, and some alternatives to stay connected while exploring New Zealand.

I. What is Pocket Wifi for New Zealand?

Pocket Wifi is a portable wireless Wifi hotspot that provides wireless Internet access when you are traveling.

  • How pocket Wifi for New Zealand works: It works by using a SIM card to connect to New Zealand’s mobile networks. It then creates a Wifi network you can connect to with your devices like phone and tablets, giving you Internet access when you are out and about exploring the country.
  • When to use: When you want reliable Internet access while traveling around New Zealand without having to worry about data plans or relying on local cafes for Wifi. The portable router goes wherever you go so you stay connected.
  • Suitable for: families traveling together or groups as the Wifi hotspot can connect multiple devices simultaneously. This way everyone can stay in touch and entertained during trips.

II. Why Renting a Pocket Wifi for New Zealand Travel?

Renting a Pocket Wifi in New Zealand help tourists access cellular data networks easily
Rent a pocket Wifi in New Zealand

By renting a pocket WiFi device, tourists to New Zealand can access cellular data networks, allowing them to go online and keep in contact with friends and family through social media or video calls while exploring the country.

Benefits of pocket Wifi in New Zealand

  • Connect multiple devices: You can connect your phone, laptop, tablet, and any other devices to the pocket Wifi’s wireless network so everyone can access the internet simultaneously. 
  • Avoid roaming charges: Using a pocket wifi lets you access the local mobile data networks in New Zealand without paying expensive roaming fees from your home network.
  • Portable and easy to use: Pocket WiFi in New Zealand is a small device that easily fit in your pocket, so you can access the internet anywhere. It is also very straightforward to utilize. 
  • Reliable connection: You get a secure wireless connection instead of using public wifi which may not be secure or stable.

Pocket Wifi vs. Other Connectivity Options

The table below compares renting a pocket Wifi in New Zealand to other three options.

CriteriaNew Zealand Pocket Wifi New Zealand SIM card/ eSIMNew Zealand free WifiNew Zealand roaming
Number of devicesMultipleSingleSingleSingle
Number of usersMultipleSingleSingleSingle
DataOften unlimitedDepending on planLimitedExpensive charges
Convenience for setupEasy, portableInsert SIM/ download appsFind hotspotAutomatic

► Our recommendation:

  • Pocket Wifi in New Zealand is ideal for people traveling with several devices or in groups. It allows easy connection of phones, tablets, laptops, and any other devices for the entire group.
  • If your phone is eSIM compatible, it is best to choose an eSIM plan for New Zealand which allows secure and affordable Internet on your phone without needing a physical SIM.

III. New Zealand eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in New Zealand

A local eSIM is the best alternative to pocket Wifi for travelers to stay online in New Zealand. Here is why:

  • Convenience: eSIM can be downloaded online to compatible mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and watches remotely. No physical SIM or device rentals needed, no store visit.
  • Multiple profiles: New Zealand eSIM allows various subscribed eSIM profiles to be stored on a single device.
  • Flexibility: Easily switch between multiple profiles as they travel to another place.
  • Stay local: Access reliable New Zealand networks for better coverage and faster data speeds.

If you are seeking a prestigious eSIM reseller, Gigago would be a top choice. By choosing Gigago as your provider, you can easily get a suitable eSIM plan for your New Zealand trip without an ID check process. 

Gigago provides tourists with a wide range of eSIM plans
Gigago eSIM plans for New Zealand

Gigago offers a diverse range of New Zealand eSIM plans for tourists. Their starter package costs only $10.50 for 1GB of data to use in 5 days. Other options cost around $10.50$141.50 depending on the amount of data you need and the length of your trip.

IV. How to Get a Pocket Wifi for Visitors to New Zealand?

Ways to rent a pocket Wifi for your New Zealand trip
Two ways to rent a pocket in New Zealand: pre-order online or rent directly at NZ airports

There are two (02) main ways to rent a pocket Wifi for your New Zealand trip:

1. Pre-order online before departure

Many rental companies let you pre-book a device which you can then pick up from the airport upon arrival. This ensures the device will be ready for you right away. Then, once your trip is over, simply return it to the designed spot before leaving.


  • Ensures availability as units may sell out during busy times.
  • Can research and compare options before travel
  • Often cheaper compared to renting at airport


  • Need to arrange pickup at arrival
  • Small risk of delay if flight is late

2. Rent directly at New Zealand Airports

Most major airports like Auckland and Christchurch will have rental counters where you can:

  • Select a plan and pay for the number of days required
  • Pick up the device and any instructions 
  • Connect your devices to the wireless hotspot
  • Return the pocket wifi to the same location before departing


  • Convenient to rent directly
  • No risk of late pickup if flight is delayed


  • May not have your preferred unit if sold out during peak times
  • Limited time to research
  • More expensive than pre-booking online

► Our recommendation:

Pre-order your pocket Wifi for New Zealand if possible. It offers better prices and does not require you to spend time deciding and paying at the airport.

V. How Many Mobile Devices can Connect to a Pocket Wifi in New Zealand

The number of mobile devices that can connect to a pocket Wifi in New Zealand depends on the provider and the device model you select.

  • 5 devices: standard for phone, laptop, tablet
  • 10-12 devices: good for families/ groups with devices
  • 15+ devices: for large groups or constant use

Important Note: The more connections, the quicker data will be used up and speeds may slow down over time. Think about how many people and devices will be used at once when choosing your pocket WiFi.

VI. How Much Does a Pocket Wifi for New Zealand Cost?

Pocket Wifi rental rates in New Zealand are rather affordable compared to international roaming service charges. They depend on the provider and specific options for rental.

  • Daily rate: around NZD $10-15. Weekly or monthly rates are slightly cheaper.
  • Data plans: This usually includes unlimited data but some providers offer 500MB-1GB per day for slightly less cost. 
  • Delivery/ returns: around $10-20 NZD total for domestic delivery and returns within New Zealand.

Pro Tip:

  • Always compare rental rates and benefits from different providers to get the best deals.
  • Seek special offers and discounts if you pre-order a pocket Wifi in New Zealand before departure.

VII. Best Wifi Pockets for New Zealand Travel – Which One to Choose?

Best Wifi Pockets for New Zealand
Best Wifi pockets for New Zealand

Choosing which Wifi pocket to rent for your New Zealand trip depends on your needs and budget. The following table demonstrates some of the best options to help you decide.

Pocket Wifi in New Zealand OptionsPOCWIFIXOXO WiFiWifi TravelersmywebspotVodafone
SpeedFast 4G speedsFast 4G speedsFast 4G speedsFast 4G speedsFast 4G speeds
Daily costNZD $10-15NZD $10-15NZD $10-15NZD $10-15NZD $10-15
Max devices10+ Up to 15 Up to 155-10 14
DeliveryDelivered to your home,/ hotel/ airportAvailable at airports for collectionDelivered to your accommodation Post or airport collectionBought from Vodafone store
Battery life8-10 hours10-12 hours13 hours8-10 hours10 hours

► Our conclusion:

Overall, the top pocket WiFi options provide good value, easy connectivity and reliability for travel in New Zealand.

  • POCWIFI, XOXO WiFi and Wifi Travelers provide the fastest speeds and allow the most device connections. They are easy to rent and deliver to your accommodation.
  • Vodafone’s option runs on a reliable network but requires purchase from their stores;
  • mywebspot and Wifi Travelers have great battery lives lasting 13 hours.

VIII. How to Use your Pocket Wifi in New Zealand?

Here are the basic steps to use your pocket Wifi in New Zealand:

  • Turn on your pocket Wifi and check that the power light is on.
  • Connect your devices like phone, laptop, or tablet to the Wifi network name displayed on the device.
  • Enter the passport to connect. You will find this written on the pocket Wifi or in the rental information.
  • Open browser like Safari or Chrome and start using Internet.

Pro Tip:

  • Remember to return the pocket WiFi at the end of your rental period by dropping it off at the arranged location.
  • Do not connect unnecessary mobile devices at once to save data plans.
  • Turn off the pocket Wifi if unused to save battery.

IX. FAQs about New Zealand Pocket Wifi Rental

How do I rent a pocket WiFi in New Zealand?

You can easily rent pocket WiFi in New Zealand from providers like POCWIFI or XOXO WiFi online. They will deliver it to your accommodation on arrival.

How much does it cost to rent a pocket WiFi in New Zealand?

Rental costs of pocket WiFi in New Zealand range from around $10-15 NZD per day depending on the provider and plan.

Can multiple devices connect to one pocket WiFi in New Zealand?

Yes, quality pocket WiFi in New Zealand can connect up to 10-15 devices simultaneously, allowing you to share internet on holiday.

X. Conclusion

In summary, renting a pocket WiFi in New Zealand is a great way to stay connected while traveling around the country. This convenient option means all your devices can easily access reliable Internet and you can share the Internet with your group. Be sure to choose a provider with good coverage, speed, and number of connections for the best New Zealand adventure. In addition, New Zealand eSIM is also an excellent option to get online with multiple outstanding features.