How to Get Mobile Internet in Vietnam for Travelers: What Option to Choose?

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, known for its stunning landscapes, mouthwatering cuisine, and rich cultural heritage. As more and more travelers visit Vietnam each year, having constant access to mobile internet has become extremely important when exploring the country. This article will provide an in-depth guide on how to get mobile internet in Vietnam for travelers.

How to Get Mobile Internet in Vietnam

I. Mobile Internet in Vietnam – Coverage and Speed

When visiting Vietnam, one of the first things travelers should understand is the country’s mobile internet connectivity landscape. This section will cover mobile internet coverage areas across Vietnam, as well as typical download/upload speeds.

1. Vietnam Mobile Internet Coverage

Mobile Internet in Vietnam - Coverage map
Mobile Internet in Vietnam – Coverage map. Source: nperf

Vietnam has an extensive mobile broadband network that reaches over 99% of the population. The three major telecom operators in Vietnam are Viettel, Vinaphone and Mobifone. All three provide good 4G/LTE coverage across most major destinations like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hoi An, Sapa and Phu Quoc Island. However, there may be some coverage gaps in rural or remote areas. Most tourist hotspots and cities have fast, reliable mobile internet from one or more providers though.

  • Viettel: Viettel is Vietnam’s largest telecom company with an extensive 4G/LTE and 3G network nationwide. It covers over 95% of the population across nearly all major population centers and provinces. 
  • Vinaphone: Vinaphone’s mobile network has strong 4G presence in major economic regions and traffic hotspots, covering around 85% of the population. Its LTE service operates on popular 900/1800MHz bands, delivering internet speeds up to 150Mbps in places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Mobifone: Mobifone’s nationwide service territory is comparable to its two main competitors with about 70-75% 4G population coverage and over 90% for 3G. It has invested in expanding LTE on 1800MHz to provide high-speed 4G to most urban centers and provincial capitals.

2. Vietnam Mobile Internet Speed

Mobile Internet in Vietnam-Speed
Mobile Internet in Vietnam-Speed

In terms of connectivity speeds, Vietnam’s networks can provide relatively fast internet. According to recent data from Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index, Vietnam ranks 51st in the world for median mobile internet speeds. The average reported download speed in Vietnam was 49.12 Mbps, while the average upload speed was 20.08 Mbps.

  • City rank: 

When looking at speeds within Vietnam, the major cities tend to rank highest. Ho Chi Minh City typically reports the fastest speeds, averaging around 60 Mbps for downloads. Hanoi’s speeds are also solid, reaching 50 Mbps on average. Other populous cities and provinces like Da Nang, Hai Phong and Binh Duong are catching up, with speeds in the 40-50 Mbps range.

  • Countries neighbors: 

In comparison to neighboring countries, Vietnam’s mobile internet ranks favorably. Thailand ranks 60th overall with average speeds of 42 Mbps. Malaysia sits at 38th place with speeds of around 46 Mbps. Only Singapore and Hong Kong have significantly faster networks amongst Southeast Asian nations.

Just keep in mind, rural regions or more remote tourist sites may have reduced connectivity speeds, or rely more on 3G networks. But major urban areas, transportation hubs, and most tourism hotspots generally offer fast 4G/LTE mobile broadband nowadays.

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Vietnam?

Mobile internet in Vietnam - Connectivity Options
Connectivity Options in Vietnam

Now that we’ve covered the mobile internet landscape in Vietnam, what are the best options for short-term connectivity? Tourists visiting Vietnam have four main ways to gain mobile broadband access:

Connectivity OptionProsConsBest For
SIM CardLow cost, reliable coverage, can buy anywhereNeed to insert SIM, cannot change easilyLong term visitors
Vietnam eSIMNo physical SIM, easy to change plans online, reliable coverageHigher cost than local SIMShort term visitors, frequent travelers
Public WiFiFreeUnreliable connectivity, security issuesQuick web searches
Pocket WiFiCan share with group, no SIM setupHigher cost than SIM/eSIM, extra deviceGroups traveling together

Overall both local SIM cards and eSIM data plans offer the most affordable and flexible internet access for short term visitors.

For tourists looking for the best Internet experience without the stress of SIM cards, a GIGAGO Vietnam eSIM is the clear choice. It provides all the connectivity benefits locally at the tap of your phone’s screen.

Note: Please check eSIM-compatible devices list before purchasing.

III. Internet Rates in Vietnam

When looking at prepaid data options from Vietnamese carriers, tourists will find very reasonable mobile broadband rates. Both data SIM cards and eSIM plans offer wallet-friendly prices compared to roaming. Here’s an overview:

* The exchange rate is 1 USD = 23,500VND

ConnectivityData PackagePrice in VNDPrice in USD
Local SIM Card (Viettel)5GB/7 days79,000 VND$3.30
Local SIM Card (Vinaphone)10GB/15 days149,000 VND$6.30
Local SIM Card (Mobifone)8GB/30 days198,000 VND$8.40
Vietnam eSIMVariesFrom 150,000 VND $6.51
Roaming (Viettel)1GB/1day199,000 VND$8.50
Roaming (Vinaphone)1GB/1day149,000 VND$6.30
Roaming (Mobifone)250MB/1day99,000 VND$4.20
Public WifiN/AFreeFree
Pocket Wifi Rental5GB/day50,000VND+$3/day$2.10+/day

*The above prices are just a reference and they can be varied following times. Please contact the providers to get the exact cost.

Overall, internet in Vietnam is very affordable across various access options. Vinaphone and Viettel offer the best value for tourists.

► Our recommendation: By choosing GIGAGO Vietnam eSIM, you can explore Vietnam stress-free with superior internet to call cabs, translate signs and post travel pictures along the way. As the 1st eSIM provider for Vietnam, GIGAGO ensures smooth coverage across the country on Vietnam’s top networks. You can also change data packages seamlessly if your needs change.

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Vietnam

If going the local SIM card route, getting a Tourist “Prepaid” SIM with a data package from providers Viettel, Vinaphone or Mobifone is highly recommended. These data-only SIMs offer wallet-friendly rates tailored to foreign travelers visiting Vietnam.

Here are some Vietnam SIM card plans:

  • Viettel
ST5K5,000VND ~$0.20500MB for 24 hours
ST5KM5,000VND ~$0.201GB for 24 hours
ST10K10,000VND ~$0.402GB for 24 hours
1N10,000VND~$0.405GB/day, 10 mins on-net calls, 5 mins off-net calls
ST15K15,000VND~ $0.603GB high speed for 3 days
ST30K30,000VND~ $1.27GB high speed for 7 days
SD30S30,000VND~ $1.214GB (2GB/day) for 7 days
  • Vinaphone
VD150150,000VND/month ~$6.12GB/day data, ≤10min on-net calls (max 1500 mins), 80mins off-net calls
VD120N120,000VND/month ~$4.881.5GB/day data, ≤10min on-net calls (max 1500 mins), 50 mins off-net calls
VD100100,000VND/week ~$4.068GB/day data, ≤10min on-net calls (max 1500 mins), 500 mins landline calls, 100 SMS
VD5050,000VND/week ~$2.035GB/day data, ≤10min on-net calls (max 1500 mins), 200 mins landline calls
V499499,000VND/month ~$20.285000 mins on-net calls, 1000 mins off-net calls
V399399,000VND/month ~$16.214000 mins on-net calls, 800 mins off-net calls
  • Mobifone
MFV250250,000 VND ~$10.1630 days250 GB
MFY200,000 VND ~$8.1330 days200 GB
MFY200200,000 VND ~$8.1330 days100 GB
V180180,000 VND ~$7.3130 days240 GB
V9090,000 VND ~$3.6630 days30 GB
MBF3030,000 VND ~$1.227 days30 GB
BF3010,000 VND ~$0.411 day8 GB
D1010,000 VND ~$0.411 day8 GB
KC9090,000 VND ~$3.6630 days1 GB

*The prices listed in the table are for reference only and may not reflect the current rates. Please check directly with the mobile operators for their latest price lists and terms.

V. Data eSIM for Vietnam – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet in Vietnam for Tourists

An eSIM or embedded SIM is a digital alternative to a physical SIM card that allows users to remotely activate mobile data plans for their devices without inserting a physical card.

As eSIM connectivity is embedded directly into newer phones and devices, visitors flying into Vietnam can take advantage of this technology to easily sign up and instantly activate affordable LTE data plans online upon arrival at the airport, giving them convenient mobile internet access anywhere in the country for the duration of their trip without worry of roaming fees or needing to track down a SIM card.

1. Buy eSIM Directly from Vietnam Operators

Major telecoms like Viettel, Vinaphone and MobiFone do offer prepaid tourist eSIM plans with data, rates averaging $4 for 1GB/day. Check the details below:

OperatorPackagePrice (VND)Price (USD)Data/FeaturesCode
 MXH100100k/month4.31GB/day, free social media dataMXH100 DY to  9123
 MXH120120k/month5.161GB/day, free calls <10min, 30min off-net calls, free social media dataMXH120 DY to 9123
 SD120120k/month5.162GB/daySD120 DY to 9123
VinaphoneBIG9090k/month3.861GB/day, speed reduced afterBIG90 to 888
 MAX200200k/month8.62GB/day, reduced speed afterMAX200 to 888
 BIG120120k/month5.162GB/day, speed reduced afterBIG120 to 888
 D60G120k/month5.164GB/day, 1500 min free on-net calls, 50min off-net callsDK D60G to 888
MobifoneESIM190k3.866GB/dayBV ESIM1 to 9084
 ESIM6540k23.26GB/dayBV ESIM6 to 9084
 ESIM121.08M46.46GB/dayBV ESIM12 to 9084

For most travelers, signing up directly through Vietnam mobile carriers isn’t the simplest eSIM approach. More flexible and tourist-friendly alternatives are available.

2. Buy eSIM from GIGAGO

Dedicated eSIM providers like GIGAGO offer prepaid data plans optimized specifically for international travelers visiting Vietnam. These tourist eSIM options provide excellent, seamless connectivity for visitors.

With strong local operator partnerships, GIGAGO provides another eSIM solution for getting mobile connectivity during Vietnam travels. Their eSIM profiles work instantly with unlocked phones and tablets from popular brands like iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel etc.

Let’s take a look closer at Gigago Vietnam eSIM plans:


Can I use my regular SIM card from home in Vietnam?

Yes you can, but it’s very expensive to roam internationally on most standard plans. Expect to pay at least $5-10 for each GB used if not enabled an “international travel” roam package.

How can I reduce mobile data charges in Vietnam?

Getting a local Vietnam SIM card or separate eSIM data plan can reduce standard roaming fees by 5-10x typically. Both options offer affordable prepaid LTE/4G rates once activated.

Do I need to register my passport to buy a SIM card in Vietnam?

Yes, you need to provide your passport at local carrier stores to purchase any type of Vietnam SIM card plan while visiting.

Is there good WiFi coverage in Vietnam?

Public WiFi is available at most hotels, cafes, restaurants and tourist sites but quality varies dramatically. Having your own mobile/SIM data connection is more reliable for important internet access needs.

Can my phone or tablet use eSIM?

If manufactured within the last 2-4 years, most iPhones, newer Samsung Galaxy/Foldables, Google Pixel and other flagship devices support eSIM functionality. Check your model specifications to confirm.

VII. Conclusion

With high smartphone penetration and widespread 4G coverage, mobile data has become an essential part of digital life in Vietnam. Visitors can easily purchase SIMs or eSIM plans upon arrival to explore Vietnam with reliable connectivity.

With Vietnam eSIM from GIGAGO, all kinds of visitors to Vietnam can get smoothly connected to fast 4G networks right from the start of their amazing trip