How to Get Mobile Internet in Saudi Arabia for Travelers: What Option to Choose?

In today’s digital world, having mobile internet in Saudi Arabia is super important for both residents and tourists. This article is tailored for travelers in Saudi Arabia, tackling issues such as connectivity, internet speed, and cost-effective services. 

It will reveal coverage, pricing, and the best choices for tourists, like the Gigago Saudi Arabia eSIM. Get tips on enhancing your internet experience for a smooth connection while you’re there.

how about mobile internet in saudi arabia

I. Mobile Internet in Saudi Arabia – Coverage and Speed

Let’s see whether this country is the best place for mobile coverage and speed or not. 

1. Saudi Arabia Mobile Internet Coverage

mobile internet coverage in saudi arabia
Mobile internet coverage map in Saudi Arabia from nPerf Speed

Saudi Arabia has excellent mobile internet coverage, estimated at over 95%. Here’s a glance at the main operators:

Mobily: Offers extensive 4G and growing 5G presence in major cities.

  • Pros: Best 5G coverage, solid 4G in cities.
  • Cons: 3G access could be sparse in rural spots.

Zain: Provides good 4G coverage throughout the country, with 3G as a solid fallback.

  • Pros: Widespread 4G coverage, decent 3G backup.
  • Cons: Limited 5G rollout as of now.

STC: Provides solid 4G coverage and has started rolling out 5G in big cities.

  • Pros: Strong 4G network, expanding 5G availability.
  • Cons: 5G availability lags behind Mobily.


  • Major operators in Saudi Arabia provide solid mobile internet with wide 4G coverage and expand 5G in cities.
  • For top 5G coverage, go for Mobily. Zain and STC are good alternatives, especially for reliable coverage in remote areas where 5G isn’t essential.

2. Saudi Arabia Mobile Internet Speed 

mobile internet speed in saudi arabia
Mobile internet speed map in Saudi Arabia from Opensignal

Saudi Arabia has high mobile internet speeds, with major carriers averaging over 200 Mbps download on 5G. Here’s a recent data breakdown:

  • Top Speed: STC leads with an average download speed of 254.9 Mbps on 5G.
  • Runners-up: Mobily and Zain are close at around 201.6 Mbps.
  • Upload Speeds: STC leads with 27.1 Mbps, followed by Mobily at 23.8 Mbps and Zain at 17.9 Mbps.


  • For the fastest speeds: Select STC in areas with good 5G coverage.
  • Value-conscious?: Mobily and Zain provide competitive speeds at lower prices. Check their plans and coverage in your area.

Note: Averages may vary based on location, network congestion, and your plan.

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Saudi Arabia?

Staying connected in Saudi Arabia is key to navigating, sharing experiences, and staying in touch. Here are your connectivity options: sim card, eSIM, roaming, public WiFi, Pocket WiFi.

SIM CardAffordableRequires to unlockEasy to findWidely availableActivation, limited data cost
eSIM (if compatible)AffordableEasy onlineRequires to unlockFlexible dataLimited availability
RoamingExpensiveNo setupEasy to useNoneData charges, bill shock
Public WiFiFreeEasy to connectUnreliableFreeSecurity risks, limited access
Pocket WiFiRental feeNo setupShareable dataConvenientBulky, extra cost


For many tourists, getting a Saudi Arabia SIM card with data provides a good mix of value and ease. If your phone supports eSIM tech, it’s an even better choice thanks to:

  • Simple setup: No need to swap physical SIM cards.
  • Customizable data plans: Add data as required during your travels.

Before buying:

  • Check phone unlock: Ensures compatibility with any carrier’s SIM card.
  • For eSIM: Confirm phone model eSIM compatibility. Find the list of compatible devices here: eSIM compatible device list

III. Internet Rates inSaudi Arabia

Good to know: 1 USD = 3.75 SAR (Mar 2024)

Check out this table showing the estimated mobile internet rates in Saudi Arabia for different choices:

OptionPrice Range (USD)
Saudi Arabia SIM Card~ $2 – $25+
Saudi Arabia eSIM~ $2 – $25+
Roaming~ $0.10 – $2+/MB
Public WiFiFree – $10+/day
Pocket WiFi~ $10 – $50+/day


  • Prices are estimates and can vary based on provider, data plan, and promotions.
  • Check data rates and validity before buying any plan.

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Saudi Arabia

Leading data SIM cards in Saudi Arabia are ideal for tourists, ensuring connectivity for browsing, social media, and staying in touch. Check out popular prepaid tourist SIM packages from STC, Mobily, and Zain.

OperatorPackage NameData (GB)Validity (Days)Price (SAR)Price (USD)
STCJawwy Tourist SIM (15 GB)1530~ 90~ 24
STCJawwy Tourist SIM (7 GB)715~ 50~ 13
MobilyHayyak Tourist SIM (15 GB)1530~ 75~ 20
MobilyHayyak Tourist SIM (5 GB)515~ 40~ 10
ZainZain Tourist SIM (10 GB)1030~ 60~ 16
ZainZain Tourist SIM (5 GB)515~ 30~ 8

Note: These are for reference only. To get the latest information on prices and data plans, it's recommended to visit the official websites of the respective operators.

V. Data eSIM for Saudi Arabia – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

gigago esim saudi arabia
eSIM Saudi Arabia by Gigago

If your phone can use eSIM, getting one is the best way to get online in Saudi Arabia. It’s better than a regular SIM card for a few reasons:

  • Easy download and activation online
  • No need to go to a store, no SIM card slot is needed, no worries about damage or loss
  • Instant internet access in Saudi Arabia
  • You can have multiple eSIM profiles on one phone

Travelers to Saudi Arabia can choose to buy eSIMs from big network carriers in Saudi Arabia or from reputable eSIM providers like Gigago.

Why choose Gigago?

They’re a trusted eSIM provider offering services to 200+ countries. Their Saudi Arabia eSIM is popular with tourists due to the:

  • Online activation
  • Setup in minutes
  • No ID check
  • 24/7 multilingual support
  • Multiple plans to choose from

For Saudi Arabia, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1GB/day for 5 days with $5.00 . Saudi Arabia eSIM by Gigago is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $5.00$54.50 . Thus, it does not matter how many Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Saudi Arabia, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

To buy a Saudi Arabia eSIM with Gigago:

  1. Select your eSIM plan (data, validity) based on your needs.
  2. Pay online with e-wallets or credit cards.
  3. Receive a QR code or activation key via email.
  4. Turn on data roaming on your phone to start using your eSIM.

VI. FAQs about Mobile Internet in Saudi Arabia

Is there a digital divide in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, there’s a gap between urban and rural areas in terms of mobile internet access and quality. However, the government is actively working to bridge this gap.

Can I buy a Saudi Arabia SIM card at the airport upon arrival?

Yes, all major airports in Saudi Arabia have kiosks where you can purchase a prepaid SIM card with a data plan.

Are there any hidden fees or charges I should be aware of with mobile data plans?

Always check the fine print! Some plans might have additional charges for exceeding data limits, international calls, or premium SMS services.

Who can assist me with mobile internet issues in Saudi Arabia?

Mobile providers have hotlines and online chat support. Visiting a store is also an option.

VII. Conclusion

Mobile internet in Saudi Arabia is making big strides with fast speeds and wide coverage. If you’re visiting, keep in mind details like data limits and SIM card registration for a smooth experience. 

Whether you’re here for a short visit or a long stay, there are plenty of data plans and providers to choose from to meet your needs.