How to Get Mobile Internet in Chile for Travelers: What Option to Choose?

One of the crucial factors contributing to a wonderful and memorable journey is mobile internet in Chile. With a stable internet connection, travelers can easily look up information about gorgeous attractions, share unforgettable memories on social media platforms and chat with relatives as well as family anytime, anywhere.

mobile internet in chile

I. Mobile Internet in Chile – Coverage and Speed

As mentioned by Statista, Chile is one of the countries with the best internet connection quality in Latin America. With a strong presence of stable internet connectivity, the country boasts internet connectivity for most of its residents and travelers alike.

1. Chile Mobile Internet Coverage

internet coverage in chile
How is mobile internet in Chile distributed?

Mobile internet in Chile can be offered by 4 major operators including Entel, Movistar, WOM and Claro. Below is an explanation of each carriers coverage performance for your reference:

  • Entel: Entel has a strong presence in 5G coverage, providing reliable service in many different areas across Chile, especially in major cities and tourist destinations. Besides, this operator also has extensive 4G and 3G coverage, ensuring travelers have a stable internet connection in both urban and rural areas.
  • Movistar: In addition to providing strong 3G and 4G networks in many areas across Chile, Movistar is also in the process of expanding 5G coverage in major cities.
  • WOM: WOM has made significant strides in 5G coverage. The operator’s 3G and 4G networks are also widely covered in many different attractions, ensuring the most perfect travel experience in Chile.
  • Claro: Claro is working to expand its 5G network across Chile, while further boosting 3G and 4G coverage in both cities and rural areas.

Recommendation: Entel is an ideal choice for travelers who expect to get the best and most stable internet experience in Chile. In addition, if you prioritize fast speed and affordable costs, Claro is also a name that should be seriously considered.

Tip: Travelers wishing to have the highest quality and most stable mobile internet experience in Chile should check the coverage map to determine each operator's coverage area and make the appropriate choice.

2. Chile Mobile Internet Speed

mobile speed in chile
Chile is one of the top countries with excellent internet quality

It is known that Chile is among the top countries with the best internet connection speeds in the region and is constantly improving. As reported by Statista, as of January 2024, mobile internet speed in this country is about 34.88 Mbps, an increase of 34.5% compared to the previous year.

Interestingly, Chile’s fixed broadband connection speeds also got growth. Median download speed of fixed broadband is set at 263.63 Mbps, helping Chile reach 4th place worldwide.

According to Broadband Speedchecker:

  • Entel is the leading internet service operator among 92 providers in Chile.
average speed of entel
Entel ranks 1st place among Chile internet operators
  • Ranked right behind Entel in terms of internet speed in Chile is Movistar – a name that is not unfamiliar to travelers in this Latin American country.
average speed of movistar
Movistar is a popular name to travelers in Chile
  • WOM has remarkable download as well as upload speeds, and is currently in 6th place out of 92 providers.
average speed of wom
WOM provides mobile internet service with remarkable speed
  • Claro is also known as a major mobile operator in Chile, with an average download speed of 62.09 Mb/s and ranks 7th out of 92 providers.
average speed of claro
Claro has good average download speed

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Chile?

To get mobile internet in Chile, travelers can choose from 1 of 5 connection options as below:

  • Pocket wifi
  • Public wifi
  • Prepaid SIM card
  • International roaming
  • eSIM

For more detail, the comparison table below will give you the differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

Connectivity optionsWhat it isWhere to buyProsCons
Pocket wifiA portable modem supports any wifi-enabled devices to connect to the internet through the mobile phone network.Easily purchase online or directly at suppliers in Chile.Private connection, no sharing with anyone elseEnable connect to many devicesInconvenient when need to carry during travel tripHigh cost
Public wifiFree wireless internet is available in public locations or restaurants, cafes.Available in cafes, restaurants or airports.ConvenientNo additional costConcerns about information securityAccess speed is unstable
Prepaid SIM cardAs a mobile subscription allows you to pre-pay for a certain amount of mobile data, mobile-call minutes and text messages.Can be purchased directly at internet service carrier’s stores or buy online. Options to choose from include Claro, Entel, Movistar and WOM.Widely-sold across ChileWorks well with most devicesRequires SIM card switch when changing providers
RoamingExpansion of wireless network service in a country other than the registered home network location. Check with your home country’s mobile network operatorSeamless connection abroadNo need to switch SIM cardThe cost is expensiveInternet coverage may be limited in some areas
eSIMDigital version of a traditional SIM card, performing all the functions that a physical SIM card takes charge of.Easily purchase online and receive QR codes via email.No physical SIM card requiredInstallation process is simple and quickThere are many storage packages to choose fromNot all carriers offer eSIM plans

Our recommendation: Based on the information from the table above, buying a SIM card with data is the most optimal option for travelers coming to Chile. However, if your device is compatible, eSIM is a more preferred choice, because of:

  • Affordable price
  • Quick process of purchase and setup
  • Variety of hosting package levels

Tips: Before deciding to purchase a SIM card for Chile, tourists should carefully check to make sure your mobile phone is unlocked. In case you choose eSIM as an alternative method to get mobile internet in Chile, it is very important to check whether your device is on the list of compatible devices. For a quick check, click the checklist.

III. Internet Rates in Chile – Is it expensive?

Travelers can refer to the comparison table below to get an overview of internet rates in Chile, thereby you can make the most suitable choice for your traveling budget.

Internet connection optionCost
Public wifiOften free
Pocket wifiStarting from $5 – $15 (rental)
Roaming with ClaroStarting from $8,990/month
Roaming with EntelStarting from $11,042/month
Roaming with MovistarStarting from $12,591/month
SIM card countryThe cheapest package is at range of $4
eSIMPrices usually range from $11 – $23 with optional data volumes

Note: The price information in the table is for reference only. For more detailed information about internet rate in Chile, please contact the provider directly.

Our recommendation: SIM cards and eSIM are the most suitable options for travelers who both want a stable internet connection and save money. For the eSIM option, Claro is considered the cheapest option while Entel is the carrier with the best network connection quality in Chile.

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Chile

As stated by most experienced travelers, SIM cards are an ideal alternative instead of paying expensive roaming fees or struggling with the inconvenience of carrying pocket wifi everywhere.

Nowadays, SIM cards can be easily purchased in Chile and there are various packages available with different prices and data plans for your choice based on your budget and needs.

mobile internet rate
Different operators offer data plans with different prices

Let’s take a look at data plans of major mobile network operators in Chile:

  • Claro: Offers 03 different travel packages, including:
    • 100MB – valid for 01 day at a price of $0.21
    • 500MB – valid for 01 day at a price of $0.52
    • 1.5 GB – valid for 03 days for $1.55
  • Entel: Offers various SIM-only packages for travelers, including:
    • 600MB – valid for 02 days for $0.52
    • unlimited data – valid for 01 day for $0.92
    • 1.5GB + unlimited social media – valid for 03 days for $1.03
    • unlimited data – valid for 03 days for $2.56
    • 4GB + unlimited social media valid for 07 days for $5.45
  • Movistar: There are 02 different prepaid plans available for travelers, including:
    • 4GB – valid for 20 days for $4.11
    • 70GB – valid for 30 days for $7.20

Note: The above prices are for reference only, you can visit the official website of the operators to learn details about prices.

Normally, you can expect high prices and low data offers at the airport, so it’s not necessary to find SIM card kiosks at airports, instead purchase directly from the official store of mobile service carriers.

However, this means you won’t have mobile internet in Chile immediately upon arrival. So, if you want to be connected anytime, anywhere, you can consider eSIM.

V. Data eSIM for Chile – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

mobile internet in Chile wirh esim
Register eSIM to have stable mobile internet in Chile

To get mobile internet in Chile, eSIM is the ideal alternative for your travel, allowing connection anytime, anywhere without needing to switch SIM cards.

eSIM takes the spotlight compared to other mobile internet solutions thanks to the following benefits:

  • Convenience: eSIM can be purchased and activated immediately.
  • Easy installation: No need to remove your original SIM card.
  • Data flexibility: Travelers can easily find data plans tailored to your travel time and needs.
  • Security: eSIM helps travelers to eliminate worries about being hacked due to having to enter personal ìnormation in many forms to get wifi.

There are various ways to get mobile internet in Chile with an eSIM, including purchasing an eSIM from a Chile internet operator and buying from a reputable eSIM retailer.

Tip: eSIM is only possible if your device is eSIM compatible.

1. Buy eSIM from Chile Operators

Travelers may consider purchasing a eSIM from Chile operators to get mobile internet in Chile. Claro, Entel and Movistar are the prominent candidates for your eSIM choice. You can visit the operators’ official stores or visit the official website to check available packages and how to activate eSIM.

Purchasing an eSIM from Chile operators gives you a large number of benefits, but also comes with some limitations.


  • Operator’s support: When purchasing eSIM from Chile operators, travelers will receive priority support from the mobile internet carrier’s experts if you have questions or service-related problems.
  • Guaranteed compatibility: Purchasing an eSIM directly from Chile operators ensures compatibility with the networks and services of this South American country.


  • Authentication required: Chile operators often require travelers to present personal information such as ID or passport to purchase an eSIM.
  • Option  restrictions: Purchasing directly with a carrier may limit your choice of available data plans and eSIM services.
  • Price variation: While some eSIMs are affordable, others may be more expensive. Therefore, consider your budget and data needs when choosing.

Notes: Most eSIM providers in Chile will require some form of identity authentication, such as a passport or ID, when activating eSIM. This is standard practice to verify user identity and comply with local regulations.

2. Buy eSIM from Gigago

chile esim provided by gigago
Register quickly and simply SIM from Gigago

Because of being forced to present personal information such as ID or passport, travelers prefer to register for an eSIM through a reputable supplier. Gigago is one of the reputable eSIM providers and is highly-appreciated by many tourists. 

When visiting the official website, you will be offered numerous different data packages at competitive prices.

For Chile, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 7 days with $12.50 . What is great about Gigago’s Chile eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $12.50 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Chile, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

Besides, tourists also receive many significant benefits when purchasing eSIM from Gigago to have stable mobile internet in Chile:

  • No passport or ID card is required
  • Purchasing and setup process is easy and quick
  • 100% procedure is online and eSIM is distributed via email
  • Technical support is ready 24/7/365
  • eSIM works well in most Chilean locations

How to buy eSIM với Gigago:

  • Visit Gigago’s official website >> search for Chile in the search bar
  • Choose a package that matches the capacity, duration >> proceed with payment
  • Receive an email with a QR code or manual activation code
  • Turn on data roaming on your phone >> Finish purchasing and setting up eSIM on your phone to have mobile internet in Chile


How is the internet access quality in Chile?

Chile is known as one of the countries with the best internet connection in Latin America. With affordable service prices and the highest penetration rates across the region’s largest markets, the mobile internet scene in Chile is simply unique in terms of quality and accessibility.

Does Chile provide 5G connectivity?

Yes, 5G technology in Chile is being developed rapidly. In February 2021, the country completed the first bidding package to assign 5G spectrum in Latin America. Prominent mobile operators in Chile such as Movistar, Claro, Entel and WOM have secured 50 MHz of the 3.5 GHz spectrum in this process.

How fast is the mobile internet in Chile?

Chile is a leader in the field of fixed broadband. The winner of competition for the world’s fastest fixed broadband according to Speedtest Global Index (2022) is Chile (216.23 Mbps), followed by China (214.23 Mbps) and Singapore (24.23 Mbps).

Does Chile have free wifi?

Yes, free wifi is available at most cafes, restaurants and hotels. So travelers can stay connected and share everything about the journey on social networks while enjoying such a wonderful vacation in Chile.

Is it difficult to get a SIM card in Chile?

No, local SIM cards are widely used in Chile, so you can easily buy a SIM card to have an internet connection at the airport, on the street or online. However, at locations such as airports, travelers may have to pay a surcharge when purchasing. Therefore, experts advise tourists to choose eSIM instead of SIM card.

VII. Conclusion

It is easy for travelers to get mobile internet in Chile. However, faced with various options such as roaming, public wifi, SIM card or eSIM, you need to consider thoroughly and pick the most reasonable solution as possible. If your criteria are convenience, high quality and budget-friendliness, eSIM provided by reputable providers like Gigago is the most ideal option.