Buying a SIM Card at Kansai Airport (KIX): Traveler’s Guide

Welcome to Japan! As a first-time visitor, getting a local SIM card should be on your to-do list when you land at Kansai International Airport (KIX). This will allow you to access maps, and translations, and contact your family back home. But with so many options, buying a SIM can get confusing and stressful. This guide will walk you through everything you need to get a SIM card at Kansai Airport. We’ll look at:

SIM Card at Kansai Airport

I. Should You Buy a SIM Card at Kansai Airport (KIX)?

Yes, purchasing a SIM card at Kansai Airport is incredibly convenient for travelers. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • No Need to Research Different Options. Airport shops prescreen SIM cards. They sell reliable, hassle-free options for travelers. You can trust the connectivity and value of any SIM card bought at the airport.
  • Immediate Access to Data & Calls. Buying a SIM at the airport means using it right away for maps, translations, and contacts on your way to the hotel. Waiting risks being without data when you need it most after landing.
  • Avoid Shopping Around the Town. Buying a SIM card at the airport means quick connectivity without hassle upon arrival in an unknown city.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to buy a SIM card at Kansai Airport is up to you. If you need constant internet access and don’t mind paying a bit more, buying a SIM card at Kansai Airport is a convenient option. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.

II. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Kansai Airport

You have two options for purchasing a SIM card at Kansai Airport: online for airport pickup, or in-person from shops and counters after arrival. Here is an overview:

1. Buy Online Before Departure & Pickup at Airport

Purchase a SIM card at Kansai Airport online in advance from providers like Mobal or Japan Travel SIM. Select the airport pickup date and shop location. On arrival, go to the specified store, show the voucher, and receive an activated SIM.

  • Pros: Guaranteed stock, avoid airport queues, multi-country packages available
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive, must be picked up at the correct shop

2. Buy Upon Arrival

You can go to airport shops like SoftBank Global Rental Center, BIC Camera, Sakura Mobile Counter, or vending machines after landing to get a local SIM.

2.1. Softbank Global Rental Counter

The Softbank Global Rental Counter at the airport offers a one-stop shop for mobile connectivity options when arriving in Japan. Rentals include short-term SIMs, prepaid SIMs, data-only SIMs, and global roaming SIMs with voice/data or just data plans. Portable WiFi devices are also rented. Payment by credit card or cash accepts major currencies. An easy solution for travelers’ temporary connectivity needs.

  • Opening hours: 7:30 AM – 8: 30 PM Daily
  • Location: Terminal 1 – 1st Floor (North)
  • Language Support: English, Chinese, and Korean
Softbank Global Rental Counter
Softbank Global Rental Counter at Kansai Airport
Softbank map store at Kansai Airport
Softbank map store at Kansai Airport

2. Sakura Mobile Counter

The Sakura Mobile counter at Kansai Airport similarly provides short-term rental and long-term prepaid SIM/WiFi options for travelers. English support allows easy setup. Specialized plans cater to students/groups with global roaming. Rent portable WiFi or get data-only and voice/data SIMs. Chargers, maps, and travel guides also available. Major credit cards and cash in major currencies accepted. A quick solution for connectivity needs upon arrival.

  • Opening hours: 7: 00 AM – 9:00 PM Daily
  • Location: Terminal 1 – 1st Floor (North)
  • Language Support: English, Japanese
Sakura Mobile counter at Kansai International Airport
Sakura Mobile counter at Kansai International Airport

III. What to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Kansai Airport – Registration Process

Purchasing a tourist SIM card at Kansai Airport as a foreigner requires providing your passport details during activation. Here is what you need to prepare:

  • Passport – You’ll need to show your passport for identification purposes during registration. Make sure it’s valid for the duration of your stay.
  • Credit card or cash – Most SIM card providers require an upfront payment to activate the SIM. You’ll need a credit card or Japanese cash (yen) for this. Cash payments are usually accepted at airport kiosks and stores.
  • Know the plan/package you want – Decide on a data or calling plan in advance so you’re not spending too much time choosing at the airport. Major carriers like Docomo, AU, and Softbank offer tourist SIM cards.
  • SIM card size – Make sure the SIM card you choose will fit your phone. Standard sizes are nano SIM and micro SIM.
  • Registration paperwork – Be prepared to fill out some basic registration forms with your name, address in Japan, passport info, etc. This is for their records.
  • Activation paperwork – There may also be a simple activation form to confirm the plan and get the SIM working on your phone’s network.
  • Japan Address – Even if temporary, provide an address in Japan like your hotel for registration. A PO box won’t work.
  • Photos – Some carriers require a passport photo for registration. Have one on your phone just in case.

Having the necessary docs and information ready will help speed up the SIM card registration process at Kansai Airport. Most transactions take 15-30 minutes max.

IV. Best Tourist Kansai Airport SIM Cards Options & Prices

Here are some top providers for getting prepaid SIM cards at Kansai International Airport:

SIM Card Data Allotment Validity Period Price (USD)
B-Mobile International SIM 5-7GB 10-30 days ~$15
eConnect Tourist SIM 5-10GB 30 days ~$32-$46
Rakuten Mobile SIM 3GB 30 days ~¥2980/$22
Sakura Mobile  Unlimited 8-90 days ~$33-$178
SoftBank 5GB 14 days ~¥3480/$26
Mineo 5-20GB Depends on package ~$8-$13

Be sure to compare network coverage as well based on where in Japan you are traveling. Shop staff can advise which provider has the best service in your destinations.

V. Japan eSIM – An Alternative to Prepaid SIM Cards at Kansai Airport

Japan eSIM
Japan eSIM

Apart from physical SIM cards, purchasing an eSIM plan is an alternative worth considering. Here’s an introduction to using eSIM in Japan:

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM or “electronic” SIM allows you to activate a cellular plan through a QR code instead of using a plastic SIM card. eSIMs work with compatible Apple iPhones and Google Pixel devices.

How eSIMs Work

To get connected you scan a QR code which configures the eSIM profile remotely. This allows you to switch between plans by downloading different profiles.

Pros of Using eSIM over Regular SIM

  • More convenient if you have an eSIM-compatible device
  • Easy to swap data plans for different countries
  • Avoid physically swapping SIM cards

eSIMs are a great option for travelers who want a convenient and hassle-free way to stay connected in Japan. If you have a compatible phone and only need data, then an eSIM is worth considering. A Gigago Japan eSIM makes it simple to stay connected during your trip. Buy Japan data plans starting at just $7.50 for convenience and savings. Scan and go – get online in minutes without changing physical SIM cards. Travel freely with an eSIM from!

VI. Where to Buy a SIM card Outside Kansai Airport

If you miss the chance to buy a SIM card at Kansai Airport itself, here are some other locations nearby where you can purchase one:

  • BIC Camera – Ibaraki Osaka Store – One train stop south of the airport is BIC Camera’s Ibaraki branch, which has an extensive telecom section selling tourist SIMs from Docomo, SoftBank, and more.
  • Yodobashi Camera – Umeda Store – In central Osaka, the enormous Yodobashi Umeda electronics store located next to Osaka Station is another electronics chain store with plenty of SIM card options. About 30-40 mins from KIX airport.
  • Mobile Carriers Stores – Major mobile carrier shops from providers like SoftBank, DoCoMo, and au by KDDI are everywhere in Japanese cities. If open, their local stores can also assist foreign tourists in getting connected.
  • Airport Limousine Bus Terminals – Some bus terminal counters catering to the Airport Limousine Bus provide SIM card sales. These include Umeda, Namba, and others. Useful if you need a SIM card right before departure.

Be sure to check store websites in advance for exact addresses, opening times, and SIM card prices. Having a backup SIM card purchase location can offer more flexibility.


Where can I buy a SIM card at Kansai Airport (KIX)?

SIM cards are readily available at arrival terminals in KIX. Look for kiosks or stores operated by mobile service providers like Docomo, SoftBank, or KDDI, or convenience stores like Lawson or 7-Eleven.

What documents do I need to buy a SIM card at Kansai Airport?

You’ll typically need your passport and flight information. Some vendors may ask for additional details like your home address or intended length of stay.

How much do SIM cards cost?

Prices vary depending on the provider, data plan, and validity period. Expect to pay around 3,000 JPY to 10,000 JPY for a basic plan with data and calls.

What kind of data plans are available?

Most providers offer prepaid plans with varying data allowances (from 1GB to unlimited) and validity periods (from a few days to a month). Some also offer options with included calls and SMS.

Do I need a lot of data?

Consider your typical usage. If you plan on using navigation apps, streaming music, or posting on social media frequently, you’ll need more data. If you’ll mostly be using it for basic tasks like checking emails and messaging, a smaller plan might suffice.

Can I top up my data?

Yes, most plans allow top-ups online or at convenience stores. Check the specific details of your chosen plan.

VIII. Conclusion

Buying a SIM card at Kansai International Airport is very convenient for staying connected in Japan. Various airport shops offer competitive SIM deals you can start using right away. Compare data plans and network coverage before committing. An eSIM may also work if your device supports it. Reliable data from arrival makes travel infinitely smoother. Sort out your SIM at the airport instead of waiting until busy cities. It’s the ideal first stop to kickstart adventures across Japan!