Fastweb SIM Cards and eSIM for Tourists: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning a trip to Italy and wondering about the best connectivity options there? This article is for you. Fastweb is a leading telecommunications provider in Italy, known for its extensive network coverage, fast speeds, and innovative services. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show everything you need to know about Fastweb SIM cards and eSIMs options, and how to stay connected during your Italian adventure.


I. Quick facts about Fastweb

Fastweb is a telecommunications company that has been serving Italy since 1999. Let’s explore some quick facts about Fastweb.

  • Founded year: 1999
  • Full company name: FASTWEB S.p.A.
  • Types of services provided: Fixed and mobile telephony, Broadband Internet, IPTV
  • Number of subscribers: As of 2022, Fastweb boasts over 2.9 million mobile subscribers.
  • Coverage: Broadband network spans over 32,000 km covering about 45% of Italy’s population as of 2006. Continued expansion since then.
  • Customer support: Fastweb has an extensive network of over 100 stores and 15,000 authorized agents throughout Italy, providing excellent customer support. Customers can access assistance in Italian and English during extended business hours, ensuring a seamless experience. 

II. Italy Fastweb Coverage and Speed in the Italy

Fastweb is one of the major internet service providers in Italy, alongside TIM, Vodafone, Windtre, and Iliad. Here is the coverage and speed of Fastweb Italy:

1. Italy Fastweb Coverage

Fastweb coverage

Fastweb’s coverage is widespread, reaching even remote areas of Italy. Its 4G network covers over 99% of the population, while its 5G network is expanding rapidly, already covering major cities like Rome, Milan, and Turin. Compared to other operators in Italy, Fastweb’s coverage is consistently ranked among the best, making it a reliable choice for travelers. 

2. Italy Fastweb Speed

Mobile operators speed in Italy

Fastweb delivers impressive speeds, both in terms of upload and download. Source: Opensignal

Download speeds:

  • For overall download speed experience, Fastweb ranks second with 33.8 Mbps, behind Vodafone which achieves 37.9 Mbps.
  • In most Italian regions, Fastweb places between second and third for download speeds, though it reaches first place in some. For example in North East it records 38.8 Mbps.

Upload speeds:

  • For overall upload speed experience, Fastweb ranks fifth with 8.9 Mbps, behind Vodafone, WindTre, TIM and Iliad.
  • Fastweb also often ranks in the lower half of operators at a regional level for upload speeds.

In summary, while Fastweb shares the lead for 5G coverage, its download and upload speeds lag behind other operators like Vodafone and WindTre. Its network experience appears good but not excellent compared to market leaders. Coverage is its relative strength compared to somewhat compromised speeds.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Fastweb for Travelers to Italy?

Fastweb offers a range of connectivity options tailored to the needs of travelers in Italy. These options include:

Connectivity OptionSIM CardPocket WiFiRoaming
ProsEasy to get up and running quicklyNo need to purchase a local SIM cardCan use your existing data plan abroad
Can purchase data bundles suitable for whole tripShares connection between multiple devicesNo need to purchase local SIM/data – convenient
ConsNeed to purchase a new SIM for each deviceCap on number of simultaneous connectionsRates are usually much higher than local options
May have issues with certain devicesResponsible for keeping device safeData limits on roaming packages
Data AllowancePurchase data bundles ranging from 5GB to 20GBData allowances from 5GB up to 200GBRestricted by your provider’s fair use policy abroad
CostSIM cards cost around 10-20 EURRentals start at around 50EUR/weekRoaming rates can be 10x+ higher than local plans
SpeedDependent on device and coverageFixed wireless speeds dependent on locationSpeeds may be throttled when roaming

Based on the pros and cons analysis, buying a Fastweb Tourist SIM card is the best option for most travelers to Italy. It offers flexibility, no contract commitment, and is widely available.

IV. Best Fastweb SIM cards for Tourists & Cost

Fastweb sim card and eSIM

Fastweb is a major telecommunications company in Italy, active in the fixed-line and mobile markets. Unlike the “Big 3” (Wind Tre, TIM, Vodafone), Fastweb does not own its own mobile network infrastructure. Instead, it operates as an MVNO utilizing TIM’s network.

Fastweb offers affordable prepaid mobile plans starting from 4.95 EUR per month. Some of the more popular plans for tourists include:

  • Fastweb Mobile Light: 5 EUR per month for 50 GB of data and 1000 minutes/SMS. Effective price after mandatory 15 EUR top-up is 20 EUR or $21 USD.
  • Fastweb Mobile Plus: 9.95 EUR per month for 100 GB of data and 1000 minutes/SMS.
  • Fastweb Mobile Maxi: 14.95 EUR per month for 150 GB of data and unlimited minutes/SMS.

Note: These prices are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the latest pricing information on Fastweb’s official website or through authorized retailers.

V. Does Fastweb Italy support eSIM?

No, Fastweb Italy does not offer eSIM services directly. However, you can purchase another eSIM plans through third-party providers. These eSIM plans can be activated on compatible devices without the need for a physical SIM card.

GIGAGO does not provide Fastweb eSIM due to operator restrictions. Instead, we offer a range of alternative eSIM plans from trusted providers like TIM and Vodafone. Visit our website to explore the available options.

VI. Where can you buy a Fastweb SIM card and eSIM?

1. Where to buy Fastweb SIM for Italy

There are several ways to purchase a Fastweb SIM card for Italy:

1.1 Upon Arrival

You can purchase a Fastweb SIM card upon arrival at major airports in Italy, such as Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) and Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP). Look for Fastweb kiosks or authorized retailers in the arrivals area.

Pros: Convenient for those arriving in Italy and needing a SIM card immediately

Cons: Limited options and availability

1.2. Fastweb Stores


Fastweb SIM cards can also be purchased at Fastweb stores located throughout Italy. You can find the nearest Iliad store using their store locator.


  • Wide availability across Italy
  • Knowledgeable staff


  • Limited to store locations and hours

1.3. Other Authorized Retail Stores

Fastweb SIM cards are available at various authorized retail stores across Italy. These stores typically display Fastweb branding or signage.


  • Wide availability
  • Potential for better deals and promotions


  • Varying levels of customer service and expertise

2. Where to buy Italy Fastweb eSIM

As mentioned earlier, Fastweb does not offer eSIM services directly. Thus, you should consider buy eSIM of other Italian mobile internet providers.

As alternative, it is best to buy eSIM plans through third-party providers like GIGAGO. These eSIM plans can be activated on compatible devices without the need for a physical SIM card.


  • Convenience of activating directly on your device
  • No need for physical SIM cards


  • Limited availability and device compatibility

We recommend exploring eSIM options from GIGAGO, which offers a wide range of plans from trusted providers. One of the benefits of purchasing an eSIM from GIGAGO is that you don’t need to register or provide personal information, as the process is streamlined directly through our platform.

VII. How to Use and Activate Fastweb Italy SIM/eSIM in Italy?

1. How to Use and Activate Fastweb SIM Card in Italy?

Activating a Fastweb SIM card in Italy is a straightforward process:

  1. Insert the SIM card into your unlocked, compatible device.
  2. Power on your device and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the SIM card.
  3. If prompted, select the appropriate language and complete the activation steps.
  4. Once activated, you can start using your Fastweb SIM card for voice, data, and text services.

2. How to Use and Activate Fastweb eSIM?

If you have purchased a Fastweb eSIM from a third-party provider, follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Make sure your device is compatible with eSIM technology.
  2. Access the eSIM activation portal provided by the third-party provider.
  3. Enter the activation code or follow the instructions provided to activate the eSIM on your device.
  4. Once activated, you can start using your Fastweb eSIM for voice, data, and text services.

VIII. How to top-up Fastweb Italy SIM/eSIM

To top up your Fastweb SIM or eSIM, you have several options:

  1. Online top-up: Visit the Fastweb website or use their mobile app to top up your account with a credit or debit card.
  2. Retail top-up: You can purchase top-up vouchers at authorized Fastweb retailers and follow the instructions to add credit to your account.
  3. Automated top-up: Set up an automatic top-up system to ensure your account is always topped up when your balance reaches a certain threshold.

IX. Alternatives to Italy Fastweb

While Fastweb is a popular choice for tourists in Italy, there are other operators to consider as alternatives. Here’s a comparison of some leading providers:

OperatorCoverageSpeedPrepaid PlanseSIM Availability
TIMExcellentFastGood varietyYes
VodafoneVery goodFastGood varietyYes
Wind TreGoodGoodLimited optionsYes

If you prefer the convenience of an eSIM, we recommend exploring the options from TIM or Vodafone, as they offer eSIM services. Visit GIGAGO to purchase an eSIM plan from these providers, without the need for registration or providing personal information.

X. FAQs about Fastweb in Italy

Can I use my Fastweb SIM card or eSIM in other countries?

No, Fastweb SIM cards and eSIMs are intended for use within Italy. If you plan to travel to other countries, you may need to purchase a separate SIM card or eSIM for those destinations.

Is my device compatible with Fastweb’s network?

Fastweb’s network supports a wide range of devices, including unlocked smartphones, tablets, and mobile hotspots. However, it’s essential to check the compatibility of your specific device with Fastweb’s network bands before purchasing a SIM card or eSIM.

Can I use my Fastweb SIM card or eSIM for data roaming?

Data roaming is typically not included in Fastweb’s prepaid plans. If you plan to use data while roaming outside of Italy, you may need to purchase a separate data roaming package or consider alternatives like purchasing a local SIM card or eSIM at your destination.

How do I check my remaining data, minutes, and credit balance?

You can check your remaining data, minutes, and credit balance by dialing a specific code (usually *123) or by using the Fastweb mobile app. The specific code or method may vary, so refer to Fastweb’s customer support resources for the latest information.

XI. Conclusion

Fastweb is an excellent choice for tourists visiting Italy, offering extensive coverage, fast speeds, and a range of connectivity options. Whether you opt for a Fastweb Tourist SIM card or explore eSIM alternatives from third-party providers like GIGAGO, staying connected during your Italian adventure has never been easier. By following this comprehensive guide, you can make an informed decision, activate your SIM or eSIM, and enjoy seamless connectivity throughout your travels in Italy.