Dito Telecommunity SIM Cards and eSIM 2024: a Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

Dito Telecommunity SIM cards are a convenient option for tourists visiting the Philippines, offering reliable connectivity and access to the country’s thriving digital landscape.

how to get a dito sim card and esim in the philippines

Traveling to the Philippines can be an exciting adventure, but navigating the local telecommunications landscape can be a challenge. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on Dito Telecommunity SIM cards and eSIM options for tourists, helping you stay connected and make the most of your trip.

I. Quick Facts about Dito Telecommunity

DITO Telecommunity, a Philippine telecom, started in 1998 and opened for business in 2021 as the third main provider.

quick facts about dito telecommunity philippines
  • Began as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc. (Mislatel)
  • Full name: DITO Telecommunity Corporation
  • Provides calls, texts, mobile internet, 5G
  • Has 7.74M subscribers as of July 2023
  • Covers 61 out of 82 provinces by February 2024
  • Teamed up with M Lhuillier for wider product reach
  • Won #1 Mobile Network in the Philippines by Ookla 2023, and fastest 5G by Opensignal in Q1 2024

II. The Philippines Dito Telecommunity Coverage and Speed

When traveling in the Philippines, Dito Telecommunity can be a great option for its impressive coverage and speed. Let’s see how wide and strong the coverage and speed it is based on the data from the Opensignal report. 

1. Dito Telecommunity coverage in the Philippines

dito coverage in the philippines
  • Coverage: DITO gets 3.06/10, showing it’s expanding in busy areas.
  • 5G Coverage: DITO’s 5G isn’t everywhere yet, but where it is, it’s doing well.
  • Availability: DITO users are always connected (98.6%), showing great network availability.

2. Dito Telecommunity speed

dito mobile speed in the philippines
  • Download Speed: DITO’s average is 25.8 Mbps, slower than Smart but much faster than Globe.
  • Upload Speed: DITO is the fastest at 6.3 Mbps, beating Smart and Globe.
  • In places like Manila and Central Visayas, DITO has the fastest speeds for downloading and uploading.

In short, DITO Telecommunity is now a strong player in the Philippines telecom scene. Its 5G network isn’t everywhere yet, but where it is, it’s fast and reliable. With great upload speeds and performance in covered areas, DITO is a top pick for anyone needing speedy mobile data.

III. Dito Telecommunity Connectivity Options for Travelers to the Philippines

As a traveler to the Philippines, you have several connectivity options provided by Dito Telecommunity:

  • SIM Card
  • Pocket Wifi
  • Roaming

Let’s explore the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed decision.

Connectivity OptionsProsCons
SIM CardAffordable rates; Can use local number; Unrestricted data usageNeed to purchase SIM card; Require compatible device; Coverage depends on location
Pocket WiFiPortable hotspot; Connect multiple devices; Unrestricted data usageHigher costs than SIM; Coverage depends on location; Battery life limits use
RoamingContinue using home network; Familiar calling/data plans; No need to purchase local SIMVery expensive rates; Data limits; Coverage depends on roaming agreement

IV. Best Dito Telecommunity SIM cards for tourists & cost

Here is a table outlining the best DITO Telecommunity SIM card options for tourists, including the plan details and prices. 

PlanData AllowanceValidityPrice (PHP)Price (USD)
DITO Unli5GUnlimited 5G Data30 days₱999$16.98
DITO Level-Up 997 GB30 days₱99$1.68
DITO Level-Up 12910 GB30 days₱129$2.19
DITO Level-Up 19916 GB30 days₱199$3.38
DITO Level-Up 29928 GB30 days₱299$5.08
DITO Level-Up 49955 GB30 days₱499$8.48
DITO Level-Up 999120 GB30 days₱999$16.98
DITO Data Sachet 101 GB1 day₱10$0.17
DITO Data Sachet 202 GB3 days₱20$0.34
DITO Data Sachet 505 GB7 days₱50$0.85
DITO App Booster 501 GB (App-specific)30 days₱50$0.85
DITO Starter PackSIM Card + ₱50 LoadN/A₱199$3.38

Note: The prices listed above are subject to change, and tourists should always confirm the current pricing and plan details before making a purchase.

V. Does Dito Telecommunity Philippines support eSIM?

esim the philippines gigago

Yes, Dito Telecommunity in the Philippines supports eSIM. Advantages include:

  • Easy to switch carriers or plans without swapping SIM cards, great for trying out different services.
  • You can get new plans online without waiting for a SIM card.
  • Saves space inside your device for other parts since it doesn’t need a physical slot.

You can get an eSIM from Dito Telecommunity or a trusted online store. However, Gigago, a top eSIM seller, doesn’t offer Dito eSIMs yet because of its low popularity.

The packages we are providing are from Globe Telecom. For the Philippines, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1GB/day for 5 days with $10.50 . What is great about Gigago’s Philippines eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $10.50$141.50 .

Thus, it does not matter how many Internet users you are and how long your trip is in the Philippines, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

VI. Where can you buy Dito Telecommunity SIM cards & eSIMs?

dito store in the philippines

If you’re going to the Philippines or just changing carriers, getting a Dito SIM card is easy. Check out these options to buy Dito SIM cards and eSIM.

1. Where to buy Dito Telecommunity SIM cards for the Philippines?

You can buy Dito SIM cards at Dito stores in big cities like Manila, Cebu, and Davao. Find them at:

  • SM Mall of Asia – 3rd floor near the entrance
  • SM North EDSA – 1st floor by Customer Service

Dito SIMs are also at shops like Telecom Store, Bayad Center, and Selecta with different call and data plans. You can order online from Dito SIM Direct or Dito Load Central for delivery anywhere.

2. Where to buy Dito Telecommunity eSIM?

  • Their official website
  • Reputable third-party eSIM retailers like Gigago

In general, Dito SIM cards and eSIMs are available in different places. Their physical SIMs are easy to find nationwide, making it easy for everyone to connect to Dito’s network.

VII. How to activate Dito Telecommunity SIM cards & eSIM?

After getting your DITO SIM or eSIM, the next thing to do is activate it. The steps might be a bit different for a SIM card or an eSIM. Here’s how to activate your DITO SIM or eSIM:

1. How to activate Dito Telecommunity SIM cards?

  • Put the Dito SIM in your unlocked phone.
  • Turn on your phone and be in Dito’s coverage.
  • Wait for signal bars to show up, meaning your SIM is working.
  • You’ll get a text from Dito saying your SIM is ready to go.

2. How to activate Dito eSIMs?

  • Check if your device is eSIM-ready and you’re online.
  • Go to Dito’s website or app and find the eSIM activation page.
  • Follow the steps to scan the QR code from your eSIM purchase.
  • After scanning, your eSIM activates, and you’re set to use Dito’s services.

VIII. FAQs about Dito Telecommunity SIM cards & eSIMs

What documents are needed to buy a Dito SIM card?

Any valid ID with a photo like a passport, driver’s license, or company ID will do.

How do I register for Dito postpaid plans?

Visit a Dito store to register for monthly plans that offer higher data caps and allow an automatic deduction from a linked bank account.

Is there a way to check my Dito number balance?

Yes. You can dial 131# and press call, visit the Dito app, or use the Dito code 185# (USSD code 131#).

IX. Conclusion

Now, you can easily buy and activate Dito Telecommunity SIM cards both online and in stores all over the country. With wider coverage in Luzon and soon eSIM options, more people in the Philippines can use Dito’s mobile services. Even though it’s still expanding, Dito offers affordable prepaid options, competing well where there’s a signal. For locals or travelers needing a mobile plan, Dito SIM cards are a handy choice against the big players.